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MY NEW BLACK STEPDADDY 24 continues in a long tradition of epic tales of young white girls going gaga over their new black stepdaddies. Nova is infatuated with her new rich stepdaddy that has elevated her from apartment dweller status to Calabasas mansion living. This man deserves some teen pussy. Nelly has come to America to live with her mother and her new found black stepdaddy. He expects a lot from this young woman. Like Nelly getting educated and having a career. But Nelly just wants big black dick like her mother. And what baby wants baby gets. Then there is the case of Ella who is told by her mother to take care of her new black stepdaddy. Sometimes mothers do know best. Meanwhile Arietta's new black step daddy thinks its ok to have his junk hanging out while watering the front yard. So she lets hers hang out to devastating effect.

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