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OMG I Fucked My Daughter's BFF #14 Dvd Cover

OMG I Fucked My Daughter's BFF #14

  • Updated 2017-04-12
  • | Views 1
  • | Length 02:09:15

Starring Cadey Mercury, Cassidy Banks, Dick Chibbles, Donnie Rock, Jessie Lynn, Marcus London, Penelope Reed, Tommy Gunn

Categories Big Dick, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Caucasian, Cumshot, Cunilingus, Deepthroat, Fingering, Hairy

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OMG I Fucked My Daughter's BFF #14, Scene #01

  • Updated : 2017-04-12 |
  • Length : 37:10 min |
  • Size : 357 MB |
  • Views : 0

Marcus London is being seduced by young Jessie as he explains to her why they can'thave an affair. She's his daughter's best friend! She hunts him all over the house,finally getting to submit on the big white couch in the living room.

OMG I Fucked My Daughter's BFF #14, Scene #02

  • Updated : 2017-04-13 |
  • Length : 30:51 min |
  • Size : 295 MB |
  • Views : 0

When we find the Cadey and Dick they are playing their customary game of hide and seek, with Cadey fleeing from the big, brawny Dick, pretending she doesn't want him. But soon, they end up like always: in the guess bedroom Dick dominating Cadey and giving her the fucking of a life time.

OMG I Fucked My Daughter's BFF #14, Scene #03

  • Updated : 2017-04-14 |
  • Length : 30:52 min |
  • Size : 296 MB |
  • Views : 0

Penelope has been trying to get her best friend's dad to notice her but he always seems more interested in reading the paper. But today, while she's home alone with him Penelope decides that it's time to seduce him. She tosses his newspaper away and proceeds to blow him into oblivion, before she gets what she wants.

OMG I Fucked My Daughter's BFF #14, Scene #04

  • Updated : 2017-04-15 |
  • Length : 30:22 min |
  • Size : 290 MB |
  • Views : 1

Young Cassidy has been eyeing her friend's dad Tommy for awhile now. She finally gets him alone and though he says no, she persists. Finally, she gets him to grab her big, young tits and it's go time!

When I was a young teen I was seeing this hot girl from school, with long legs and perky small tits. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her dad and step mom. She was a bit of a wild teen, lots of parties, drinking, all that good stuff, but when I met her she was trying to exit that scene. She had just turned 18 and was trying to get to college. She was also making me wait for sex. We were dating 2 months but we still hadn’t fucked! Her parents didn’t want her out all night fucking anymore and wanted her to wait.

One day I went to meet her at her house, but she wasn’t home from church school yet. Her hot, MILF of a step mother answered the door. Her hair was still wet from a shower and was wearing booty shorts and this tight shirt making her big tits pop out. She starts asking me if I had fucked her step daughter yet, and I said ‘no, you’re making her wait!’ She said that her husband and she hadn’t fucked in a while either and can understand my frustration. Suddenly she asks if I’d ever been with an older woman before…

I didn’t know how to reply, but she grabs the bulge in my pants and starts rubbing my dick! She whips my dick out and starts sucking, looking at me with her experienced, lustful eyes. Suddenly her daughter comes home, and obviously freaks out. ‘I can’t fuck him but you can?’ Her mom replies, ‘New rule’, and looks at me and says, ‘Wanna fuck my daughter, gotta fuck me first!’ I happily oblige and the mother starts teaching her daughter how to suck my dick! Is this really happening? They take turns riding my dick, before I fuck my girlfriend’s mother’s ass as she licks her daughter’s teen pussy.

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